About me

Hi there! I’m Daniele Malitesta, a postdoc researcher at CentraleSupélec (Université Paris-Saclay) working with Prof. Fragkiskos Malliaros.

Previously, I pursued my PhD in Electrical and Information Engineering at Politecnico di Bari under the supervision of Prof. Tommaso Di Noia.

My main research topics are Graph Representation Learning, Recommender Systems, and Multimodal Deep Learning.

Upcoming events

There is nothing to share here (for the moment)…

Latest news

  • [Mar 24, 2024] We hosted the IRonGraphs workshop, co-located with ECIR 2024, in Glasgow!
  • [Mar 08, 2024] Ducho v2.0 was accepted as a resource paper at the 2024 ACM Web Conference!
  • [Mar 01, 2024] I joined CentraleSupélec (Université Paris-Saclay) working as a postdoc researcher with Prof. Fragkiskos Malliaros on graph machine learning!
  • [Feb 05, 2024] I gave a talk at the Glasgow Information Retrieval Group at the University of Glasgow entitled: A Topology-aware Analysis of Graph Collaborative Filtering.
  • [Jan 30, 2024] I successfully defended my PhD thesis entitled: Graph Neural Networks for Recommendation leveraging Multimodal Information!

Recent publications

A selection of recent publications (for the full list, please visit this link).